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Understanding copyright law is increasingly important to anyone working in the art and design industry. The Internet has transformed the way visual artists create new work.  Digital tools make it easy to create, collaborative and find inspiration to spur the imagination. Social media allows anyone, from graphic designer and photographers to art galleries and museums, to reach millions of people with just a click. At the same time, the digital world has also made it easy to appropriate artistic works without permission from the creators.  

Copyright law provides simple rules for the art and design community to follow, which explain the control copyright holders have over their creative works and under what circumstances others may use those works, with or without permission. Unfortunately, those rules are often made to seem unnecessarily complicated, leaving everyone to scratch their heads in confusion, unable to answer some of the basic questions.  What rights do I have to control my work? When can I use someone else's work in my new ideas? What can a buyer do with my work?  

The Law of Creativity, simplifies copyright law; discussing only those concepts important to the visual arts community, with only the information that is necessary to grasp the concepts, with a few stories and anecdotes added in to bring it all together. And since this ebook is made just for those working in the visual arts, the book is graphically designed to be appealing to the creative mind. 

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Law of Creativity

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Law of Creativity