Finding Your Stolen Images – A Video Tutorial for src-img

Finding stolen images

Members of the art community often have trouble discovering whether their images are being used without permission.  Most discoveries happen by accident, while surfing the web, or through a friend who saw the work adorned on some hat, candle or other piece of merchandise.  Once an infringement is discovered, there are actions that can be taken to limit the damage and recoup some of the losses, but that action requires legal counsel which costs time and money.  Sometimes, it is too late to keep the infringement from devaluing the art, and hurting the artist’s reputation, something that monetary compensation will never make right.

Wouldn’t it be far better to catch the thieves early, before you find your painting on a t-shirt in Forever 21 or the center of a patchwork quilt on Well, this video tutorial will provide one easy tool to help scour the web for your images.  We have talked about it before on this site.  It’s called src-img, but some of my readers were a bit confused on how it works.  This tutorial shows how easy it is.


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About the author

Steve Schlackman

As a photographer and Patent Attorney with a background in marketing, Steve has a unique perspective on art and law. Should you have any questions on Intellectual Property contact him at [email protected] His photography can be seen online at or on display at the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery in New York City.

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