Licensing Art

How to License Your Art Successfully

In part 1, I talked about several methods for finding companies that would be the most likely to license your art for us on their products.  The...
Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time’s Video Streaming Has It All, but Is It Legal?

Popcorn Time, a relatively new online movie streaming service, has just about all the media content you could want, from the latest movies to Amazon originals. the company has tripled its usage over the past 6 months, with enough users for Netflix to consider Popcorn Time a major competitor. One would think getting rid of an illegal service would be easy, but the way the software work, it will be almost impossible to take down So what happens now?
Eakins Visual Art

Creator or Buyer: Who Really Owns the Art?

Buy something and we generally have the right to do what we want with it. We own it. But buying visual art, such as an oil painting, and we may be a joint owner along with its creator. So what did we really buy?